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Chinese Herbs can be quite effective and powerful, and often provide many alternatives for a particular malady. A Chinese Medical Practitioner such as Sharon has received in depth training in pattern diagnosis and prescription of Chinese Herbs to obtain optimal results. An herbal prescription may be included in a standard acupuncture treatment if desired, or a 30 minute herbal consultation may be scheduled instead.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been a vital part of Traditional Chinese Medicine since at least the Han Dynasty ( 25-220 CE), with some of the most famous and still relevant texts compiled by the 3rd century.  The individual qualities of over 450 herbs have been studied extensively, and combinations of herbs (known as ‘formulas’) tested and refined over a period of at least two thousand years.  Chinese Herbs are rarely prescribed individually, as it has been shown that combining herbs has a synergistic effect, and that doing so can avoid most side effects, such as dryness or indigestion.

Herbs may be prescribed for digestive concerns, colds and flu, Women’s issues, insomnia, emotional stress, conditions related to aging, and many other conditions.

Today Chinese Herbs come in several forms, and many American suppliers produce high quality herbs that are tested for impurities.  Dried herbs can be given for making a medicinal tea, with the patient cooking the herbs at home.  There are powdered herbs as well, formulas already cooked and dried to reconstitute in water. Using powdered or dried herbs makes possible the creation of a custom formula, specific to your needs. Finally, there are many brands of caplets and capsules, which often provide the most convenient dosing.

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